My Games

Ball of Rage

Ball of Rage is a game about skill and patience. Play as a ball of rage while you try to get to the goal at the end of each level while moving around using a peculiar control scheme.

Mount Neverest

This game was made for the GMTK game jam of 2023. In this game, you play as a Mount Everest and you are sick and tired of all these climbers trying to stand on top of you. Get them off!


Orchard is a short meditative experience where you inhabit a sky island and interact with the ecosystem. 

10 Seconds to Kill

Race to the finish in this action packed fps prototype. You must get to the goal without the timer reaching 0. To do that, shoot blocks to increase your time and keep the timer from running out! This game was inspired by classic bunny hop challenge maps in the original quake and uses the same mechanic.

The Maze of Madness

Do you dare dwell into the maze of madness? Try and solve the mystery of the maze while you explore this desolate place.

Here are some of my prototypes. Each one was made within a week

The games that are below are mostly games that are made within a week timeframe. I feel these best show my ability to prototype quickly and show my concepts as well as portrait the emotions that I want to give the player while they are playing.

A couple of my other games where expanded upon because of how fun the prototypes were to play. EX: ball of rage, 10 seconds to Kill

Grapple Goblin

Grapple Goblin is a simple prototype where you grapple around and shoot enemies. This game was made within a week and this idea is still something I am working on.

Marley's Night Out

Marley’s night out is a prototype made within a week with a focus on level design and character placement. 

Exterminator Dungeon

Exterminator Dungeon is the first game where I started experimenting with procedural generation. This prototype is still in development.

Ninja Fight

Ninja Fight is a simple proof of concept of a local co-op platforming fighting game. It is a very bare bones prototype but the intention was for players to go head to head in an arena where they control ninjas.

Spin Arena

Spin Arena is a prototype where you and another player use the same keyboard to battle it out with spinning tops. The intention of this game was for players to feel like they were playing with beyblades and the added gameplay of players using the same keyboard adds to the childlike fun of the game.