Travis Ladore

Junior Game Designer

My goal is to make the games I work on fun and worthy of your hard-earned free time.

Who am I?

Hello! I'm Travis! I am a Game Design student with a background in Gameplay Design.

Click here to learn more about my background in games and my work in other creative media fields.

Ball of Rage

A game with a focus on precision platforming with a peculiar control scheme.

Mount Neverest

A GMTK 2023 submission where you play as a mountain that is tired of all these people trying to climb you.


A prototype focused on creating satisfying 2D platformer movement

10 Seconds To Kill

Bunny hop your way to the goal in this fast paced FPS shooter Concept!

Gold Hoarder

Explore the seas with your ship and hoard your treasure while avoiding rival pirate crews in this puzzle game.

Redneck Ranch

Be the best Rancher in town in this silly game concept.


Feel free to contact me with any questions!